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Respecting and appreciating our individual uniqueness is important. That’s why we’ve built a university for every kind of student. 我们不断发展的多样性, 股本, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) efforts help ensure our entire community feels a sense of belonging with us.




我们的工作多样性, 股本, inclusion and belonging comes 从 a deep empathy for our students and a culture that we have built over five decades. 从教育到劳动力, we are working with others to find real solutions that benefit society and benefit our students.




我们的学生很了不起. 这是他们的统计数据 2021年学术年报.















让我们认识一下来自佛罗里达的Jamahr Robinson. Jamahr attended school while completing the police academy and raising a family with so much going on. He nearly quit on multiple occasions, but he credits support 从 his academic counselor and a host of online resources with helping him reach graduation. 交给你了,贾马尔. 谢谢你的介绍,Alex. As a hard working father and husband, I've always stood on the principle of putting my family first. 然而, 为了完成一个成功的事业, I knew I needed a university and would have my back the way my family always does. m8体育就是这么做的. 事实上, the enrollment process was easy and I was supported by a knowledgeable and experienced academic counselor who helped me to evaluate my short term and long term goals to complete my program. 我很快明白了,没有什么是做不到的, not even having a complicated work schedule or a busy home life. 我的学术顾问总有解决办法. The online academic platform also provided access to a lot of resources, 工具和服务,无论何时何地我需要它. 例如, the University of Phoenix has an online student library where you can get access to numerous peer scholar materials, 电子教科书, 研究文章. You can even get connected to an online tutor that can assist you with a specific subject area. Two of my favorite features in the online portal for students are the 24 hour tech support and a selection of online student communities that you can join to connect with other pieces in your program. The University of Phoenix has allowed me to enhance my career tremendously without missing important parts of my family life. 事实上, 当时我在m8体育读书, I was able to continue working in my career as a police officer in my local community, 同时欢迎我刚出生的儿子来到这个世界. You see, it doesn't matter which manager you choose or how busy your life is. The University of Phoenix will be with you while you are in pursuit of your academic goals. 相信我,我知道,因为我是凤凰. 回到你身边,亚历克斯. 感谢分享你的故事. You are academic advisors clearly help students stay connected to the university wherever they are, 支持还不止于此. Students also have access to financial advisors who can help find ways to save time and money on a degree throughout their educational journey. 谢谢分享!.



Jahmar had a support team available up to 20 hours a day, five days a week. Our academic counselors are with you every step of the way and have earned a 5-star rating 从 90% of our surveyed students.*

* Citation for 90%: Transactional Survey, August 2021-22 (18,645 respondents)


“I knew I needed a university who would have my back, the way my family always does.”



没有大学- 59岁.7%




22%及以下- 7%

23 to 29 – 23%

30 to 39 – 37.5%

40 to 49 – 21.9%

50及以上- 10.6%







4.其他7% /未知


女性- 70岁.9%

男性- 29%

其他(非二进制)- 0.1%






股本 in education ensures every student and faculty member receives the resources and tools they need to be successful. 股本, 而不是平等, means providing opportunities that consider and address the disadvantages faced by underrepresented students. 

根据 实现梦想的权益表, examples of underrepresented students include, but are not limited to: 

  • 成人学生
  • 第一代低收入有色人种学生
  • 以前和现在被监禁的学生 
  • 寄养青年 
  • Marginalized orientations, 性别 identities and intersex students
  • 有家属的学生 
  • 残疾学生 
  • 有第二语言背景的学生
  • 无证学生
  • 退伍军人

股本 in education is important because it aims to remove systemic barriers that students 从 underrepresented communities face in accessing higher education and determining their own paths to success. 

通过消除结构性不平等, each student receives the necessary support and resources for success. As a result, a student’s identity is no longer a deciding factor in their academic achievement. 

根据 国家股权项目, providing 股本 in education involves developing leaders who can transform educational institutions by: 

  • Discovering and cultivating each student’s unique gifts, talent and interests. 
  • Eliminating inequitable practices, examining biases and creating inclusive environments.
  • Making sure success and failure are no longer determined by a student’s identity.

University of Phoenix places emphasis on educational access and career readiness. 通过公开注册, 我们努力为一个民族服务, 在经济上, 性别和年龄多样化的概况. We have many teams working to ensure all students have access to the resources they need. 我们的团队包括: 

  • 就业服务团队
  • 部落行动小组
  • 军事和退伍军人事务办公室
  • 学生财务服务 
  • 认可的学生组织
  • 教育公平办公室 

根据 美国教育委员会, diversity in education is important because the country’s racial and ethnic composition has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Beyond race and ethnicity, a society's diversity can be shaped by a variety of other factors. 在其他变量中, 性别, 性取向, socioeconomic status and disability are all factors to consider.

多样性 has many advantages in education and the workplace, 比如提高生产力, 创造力和文化能力. If we want our nation to stay 在经济上 and socially healthy, all citizens should have equal access to resources that can help them succeed. 

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